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Maireddy Butron was born in 1975 in Venezuela. From the very beginning of her professional life, she strengthened the moral values that she has developed throughout her life. She graduated with a Law degree in 1997, followed by a master’s degree in superior education, which allowed her to become the Head of the Law Department at the University of Momboy located in Valera, her birthplace. She also followed enterprise courses at the IESA Center which has supported the new ways of living she has achieved in the near decade she has been living in the United States and for which she acknowledges particular feelings of respect and thankfulness.

At the beginning of 2008, she was able to buy her Property Management Company through which she offers exceptional services in pool maintenance, gardens, and house cleaning. In 2015 she got her Real Estate License where she has excelled in sales vacation homes and investment properties. Maireddy has proved to be a diligent entrepreneur and a significant support for Top Housing Real Estate.

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Lic. Real Estate Agent
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Giovanna Canger was born in Venezuela and moved to the United States early in life with her parents and siblings. After getting married, starting a family of her own, and working in the Northeast, Midwest and Southeastern United States, she settled in Florida.

Through all those relocations, she gained an appreciation for the excitement, stresses, and challenges that can accompany moving a family and the process of selling, finding and purchasing homes. This experience led her to leave her successful career in customer service and start in real estate in 2007.

A long-time resident of the Central Florida and Tampa Bay areas, she has in-depth knowledge of both markets. She also manages several short-term rental properties on the West Coast of Florida. Whether her clients are looking to sell, find their dream home in the Greater Orlando area, purchase an investment property or get that “little piece of a paradise” on the coast, she offers personalized service and guidance through the entire process.

Giovanna is honored to represent her clients either in English or Spanish on any transaction and prides herself on making sure that her clients are delighted with their experience.

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To recognize a real estate agent’s love for his or her territory and genuine interest in fulfilling the wants, needs, and goals of clients is to find a true ally when it comes to the purchase or sale of one’s home. Dina Richter meets and exceeds those criteria. A lifelong resident of South and Central Florida, she offers in-depth knowledge of the local residential and commercial real estate market, as well as of the area’s schools, services, cultural, and recreational activities. In addition, her enthusiasm for helping people find or sell their homes abounds whether the transaction is for $100 thousand or $100 million.

As a realtor specializing in residential properties, Dina has always brought abundant energy, creativity, dedication, and personal knowledge to her work. You can be assured that she will stay on top of all details of a deal to provide an easy-going transaction. She explains: “When my husband and I purchased our first home, it was the best and most exciting feeling ever, it was a blessing.” She continues, “I genuinely love real estate and helping people fulfill their dreams!”

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Laura was born in Venezuela. At the age of 16, she moved to Orlando, Florida, to study English, and fell in love with the city, its different cultures, and the huge opportunities for growth that the city offers. Fluent in English and Spanish, Laura has been working in sales since she was 20 years old, age at which she established her own business. Her passion to be in contact with people was the main reason why she started her career. For her, it is very important and gratifying to make the client feel glad and confident with her work and help, always appreciating the opportunity of being part of her client’s lives.

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Lic. Real Estate Agent, Realtor®
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Manal Zighighi is a realtor who enjoys building lasting relationships by providing excellent real estate services in the Greater Orlando Area. She has chosen this area as her home and a place for her and her husband to raise their two amazing children. They are excited about living in Orlando and they continue to enjoy the people, the culture and the various great activities available to them. Her experience with the US Armed Forces empowers her and humbles her at the same time. She teamed up with Top Housing Real Estate for their absolute dedication to serving clients’ best interest.

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Víctor Barroeta was born in Venezuela. Before moving to the United States in 2015, he practiced Law for 12 years and served as a professor at Universidad Del Valle del Momboy (UVM) in Valera, Trujillo, for five years. Always inclined to collaborate with the people who surround him, Víctor chose to get involved in the Real Estate field because he saw it as a great opportunity to support and guide people to achieve their dreams, especially Spanish-speaking people. Today, Victor is dedicated 100% to his Real Estate career where he enjoys being part of the business world.